About Us


Kickboxing is a martial art of Japanese origin, created by the boxing promoter Osamu Noguchi in 1964, creating the first association in the world as well, named WKBA World Kick Boxing Association.
In his trips as a promoter, Mr. Noguchi discovered in Thailand the so-called Muay Thai; he was promoter of the event known in Thailand as “Japan vs. Thailand”, in which the Japanese fighters Osawa, Nakamura and Kurosaki were presented. (Osawa and Nakamura beat the Thailand fighters and Kurosaki lost by a knock-out.)
In 2009, Mr. Noguchi named Kaicho Ihara as his only successor, giving him the WKBA’s presidency and all its rights. Since then, WKBA has been developed as the original and most important professional organization of Kickboxing in Japan. Today, more than 50 years after its creation, millions of people around the world practice Kickboxing, receiving all its benefits as a martial art, as personal defense guidance, as a contact and fitness sport, etc, on a professional and amateur level, thanks to the conviction of big men who make history. The best roulette and poker on our site online casino mit 5 euro einzahlung. Go to and get big bonuses!


Spread Kickboxing all around the world and promote the youth’s healthy development through sport.


The new vision under Kaicho Ihara’s presidency is to develop Kickboxing Amateur worldwide. Spread original Kickboxing established by Mr. Osamu Noguchi to all the countries with its right rules of competition and training, with his legacy and his authentic spirit. Don’t miss your chance to win real money for free on the best online casino. You will be satisfied!

President’s message

Mr. Osamu Noguchi created Kickboxing, as well as WKBA, with more than 50 years of history. On 25 th October, 2009, with President Noguchi’s retirement, I assumed the presidency of WKBA and ShinNihon Kickboxing Association. Today, we have founded WKBA AMATEUR’s selection in order to develop international Kickboxing in a better way. Diego La Volpe is the General Director of the Amateur division and he’s going to organize all the WKBA activities from different countries. I’m sure that, with the prosperity of amateurism, WKBA will develop a higher level of Kickboxing worldwide.
Shinichi Ihara

Being part of WKBA is being part of history, a legacy of pride and honor. Kickboxing has its own codes, concepts and achievements. As Mr. Noguchi told me once, “Kickboxing is the most effective martial art”. Being a direct disciple of Kaicho Ihara, with his knowledge, conviction and greatness, is a dream come true! Amateurism is the main motor of sport and the pillar of real martial arts, which aspire to form stronger people in their physical, mental and spiritual aspect. Today, I have the opportunity to invite every Kickboxing lover from the world to join this new project “WKBA AMATEUR”, so that they can pass on the ideals and instructions that Kaicho Ihara always shows, such as loyalty, the strength to continue always forward to face adversity, the fulfillment of the assumed compromises, putting the common good above everything else, and being always grateful. I hope that the magic of Kickboxing with WKBA spreads out in order to achieve a more united and peaceful world! Osu!
Diego La Volpe
General Director.

I’m very proud to be part of this “WKBA AMATEUR” big project and proud to be the disciple of President Kaicho Ihara as well. Kickboxing is Japanese and carries the Japanese spirit that conceptualizes with respect, loyalty and conviction. With Kaicho Ihara and my brother Diego, who is the General Director of the project, I’m sure we will be able to elevate the worldwide spirit and have a better world full of greater respect. I send a strong hug to every Kickboxing lover in the world.
Yu Kawakubo
International Manager.

Being part of a project as big as it is the development of amateurism in the most important Kickboxing association in the world persisted by a person so big as Kaicho Ihara fills me with honor and pride. I am completely sure that the most prestigious schools will accompany us along this path and the real Kickboxing will thrive around the world by following the fundamental principles of the amateur sport, such as sacrifice, the love for the homework and the spirit of clean and pure competition.
Juan Manuel Esteban
General Secretary.



wkba rules


  • A Class: 3 won fights in B class. 3 rounds of 2 minutes for 1 minute of rest.
  • B Class: 2 rounds of 2 minutes for 1 minute of rest.


  • Fist
  • Elbow
  • Kick
  • Knee
  • Clinch
  • Leg Grab


  • Mouth guard
  • Inguinal
  • Head
  • Gloves 12 Oz
  • Elbow pads
  • Tibia
  • Kneepads


  • National exclusivity (only one National Director will be designed per country).
  • Implementation of the brand WKBA at a national level.
  • Development of the national ranking and national WKBA AMATEUR titles.
  • Promotion of selective tournaments to participate in international and worldwide WKBA events.
  • Access to WKBA certificates for the promotion of student and athlete grades.
  • Development of the web page National WKBA.
  • Access to trainings at WKBA’s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Marketing of products with a WKBA brand.

  • WKBA AMATEUR will be developed under the direction of WKBA PROFESSIONAL, which is only active In Tokyo, Japan.
  • Affiliation to WKBA AMATEUR doesn’t mean the possession of the brand WKBA PROFESSIONAL.
  • Best amateur fighters in the professional field will be promoted to the Professional Staff of WKBA.
  • WKBA AMATEUR will design only one National Director, who will have the responsibility of developing
  • the activities in his own country and maintaining a close bond with the headquarters of Tokyo, Japan and its authorities, too.
  • Each member country will have its own development, its own champions and a great freedom of action.
  • WKBA will offer legitimacy and support to his job.

Branch Chief’s commitment

  • Give notice of all the activities carried out that involve the use of the brand WKBA.
  • Carry out the schedules established by WKBA.
  • Carry out the payment of American Dollars U$S1000.- per year, which will be applied from 1st January to 30th January.
  • From the cash payment, the national organization will form part of WKBA, made official by Tokyo, Japan.
  • Use the brand WKBA with respect and criterion for its history and legacy.


Diego La Volpe – Yu Kawakubo – Juan Manuel Esteban
General Director – International Manager – General Secretary